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Joe - CASBA Staff

My name’s Joe. My job has two parts.

Donate - CASBA Advocacy

One is to raise money for CASBA. The other is to tell people about what we do.

Be heard - CASBA Advocacy

I work here because I want people with learning disabilities to get their voices heard.

CASBA Ambassadors

I enjoy learning from our citizens. Our Ambassadors, and all the people we work with, are experts by experience. If you want to know about the lives of people with learning disabilities, you should listen to them directly.

Trust-and-help - CASBA Advocacy

CASBA puts the voices of citizens at the centre of everything we do.

We listen and we respond to what people with learning disabilities tell us.

Our advocates always focus on the needs of the individual.

We run groups for people to help them develop their skills as self-advocates.

We run training courses to help people with the things they tell us are hard for them.

Easy-Read - CASBA Advocacy

Creating a website to show all of this has been very difficult.

We want it to be easy for everyone to use.

My money matters - CASBA Advocacy

We want to impress the people who make decisions about giving us money.

We want to find ways of getting people to pay us for what we do.

CASBA Look at tablet together

I am so glad we now have a new website to do this. I hope you enjoy looking at it and learning more about CASBA

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