CASBA shower blog post

Jane’s story

When her shower stopped working, Jane asked CASBA for help as she did not know how to sort it out. Jane lives in a property left to her son who she tries to support as he has a mental health diagnosis. Jane is in her mid-60’s. Her advocate supported Jane to speak with her son and get his agreement to having a new shower. The advocate also supported Jane to work out a budget with her son and  to obtain quotes for a new shower and to work out when it could be installed.

Prior to the work being carried a deep clean was required and the advocate also supported Jane to agree this with her son, get quotes and to plan when the work could be done around their appointments.

Both Jane and her son were extremely anxious about having strangers in the house and being exploited. The Advocate was sensitive to their need for reassurance and with consent liaised with the cleaning service and the electrician.

Jane was really pleased with the cleaning service and said that it ‘felt like luxury having a warm shower’. Without having support to plan and organise this work, Jane said she would never have been able to get the work done. The advocate was pleased that she had been able to support Jane to achieve her aim.

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