CASBA running for 500 miles challenge

Why I’m raising money for CASBA’s 500 miles challenge

We spoke to Matt Pountney about why he’s decided to run in the Great Birmingham Run to raise money for CASBA’s 500 miles challenge.

CASBA: Are you looking forward to doing the run?

I am a proud Brummie and although I now live in London, I am looking forward to coming back and running around the places that I grew up in. I’m sure the atmosphere will be great as well. 

CASBA: And why did you want to run a half marathon?

I started running during the pandemic when all the gyms were closed, and found that I actually enjoyed it so have kept it up ever since. I try to do at least 3 runs a week to build up my fitness and resilience for the half marathon. I’d like to say that I eat well to prepare but unfortunately I find that a lot harder! 

CASBA: We’re delighted that you chose to run to raise money for us, but can you tell people why you chose us over other charities?

I believe that the work that CASBA does is extremely important. People with learning disabilities can find it difficult getting the right support and services and so having dedicated people that work with them to achieve their aims is a positive thing for those people and society in general. 

CASBA: Thank you Matt. And where can people go to sponsor you?

I will be creating a page on JustGiving as part of the CASBA 500-mile challenge here.

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