Happy birthday CASBA – 35 years!

21st September

On 21st September this year CASBA became 35 years old, which makes me feel really old as it is younger than me. (Reference: the register of charities. Charity commission. Gov.uk.)


We celebrated our birthday at the AGM (Annual general meeting) on 14th November with 60 people who know us and value our work.


Not as many people are aware of CASBA and what we do as we’d like. Sometimes I don’t say words correctly, so I say CASBA not the ghost as bit of an Icebreaker as although I have been an advocate for about 14 years, I still get nervous talking to new people.

Hearing aid

Hopefully now with my new ears that would have changed, before with my old ears I couldn’t hear my voice and now I can.

Happy birthday - cake

Anyway, back to the birthday star CASBA, I have been lucky, proud and honoured to have known CASBA for the last 4 years. I did briefly meet CASBA in the past for the cooking sessions, I think I only went to two, I really enjoyed the sessions and would love to of carried on, but I felt really anxious about being late to collect my son and it would have stopped my enjoyment.

I am here now part of CASBA as a staff member, I’m very grateful to Joe for choosing me to work on the Education is Special project and for all the opportunities I got given on the project. Also, to Ginny for asking me to chair the team meetings, I love chairing and being the chair at Link.

CASBA is so supportive and a joy to work for. I have had so many opportunities through my employment here I have been able to let my skills and confidence grow. It has helped me realise my colleagues have encouragement and trust in me, I can do things, with the skills I have learned and the enjoyment I have I would like to pass onto others all I have learned.

To spread the word CASBA is the best and we are here in South Birmingham to support you to have a voice and be heard. Thank you CASBA for everything, Happy Birthday.

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