Our Trustees

Trustees are volunteers who help CASBA take important decisions.

They help us to find new employees.

They help us to write policy and strategy documents.

They make sure we are doing what we say we will.

We have Trustees with different skills and experience to help us with different things, such as finance, HR, fundraising, IT and marketing.

These are our Trustees:


Jackie Pountney

Chair of Trustees
Sior Coleman - CASBA

Sior Coleman

Vice Chair of Trustees
Andy Hopkins - CASBA

Andy Hopkins

Stella Plisner - CASBA

Stella Plisner

Trustee and Safeguarding Lead
Sean Huxtable - CASBA

Sean Huxtable

Trustee and IT Advisor
Janet Kane

Janet Kane

Trustee and Ambassador
Gina Patel - CASBA

Gina Patel

Melina Tsui - CASBA

Melina Tsui

Trustee & Marketing Advisor
Martyn Spooner - CASBA Advocacy

Martyn Spooner

Trustee & Chair of Ambassadors