Referring someone else

You can ask for an advocate to help someone using this referral form if this person:

  • Has a learning disability

  • Is 18 or over

  • Lives in the South Birmingham Area

  • Is happy for you to share their personal details with us

  • If an individual lacks capacity, we will accept referrals on the basis of best interest.

    If you have problems filling out this form, call us on 0121 4750777 and leave a message on our answerphone.


We get referrals from social workers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, friends, family, carers and others. Our priority is to work with every individual in the way that is right for them.

We will look at your form as soon as we can and decide who is the best person to help you.

Before you fill out our referral form please read our CASBA Client Privacy Notice which informs you how we keep your information, and that of the person you're referring, and describes circumstances as to how we may share them, as permitted under the new Data Protection Laws introduced in May 2018.