Remembering CASBA in your will

What does CASBA do?

CASBA's mission is simple. We won’t stop until we have a society where people with Learning Disabilities are able to live as equal citizens, playing a meaningful and active role in their communities. You can help create this future with a gift in your will.
CASBA Advocacy - Help adults with learning disabilities
The citizens we work with are the most important people at CASBA. We ensure that they are instrumental in guiding our charity and making sure we are tackling the issues they know to be a problem for their community. Supporting this work in your will means you will be giving them the opportunity to unlock their potential.

What will be the impact of your gift?

At CASBA, we are grateful for every gift we receive from wonderful supporters like you. CABA’s work has a real. Below are just some of the ways that your gift will have a positive impact for the people we support.

Increased employment of people with a Learning Disability.

Currently, only 6% of citizens with a Learning Disability are in paid employment. We know how capable many of them are through seeing them getting involved in decision-making, running events, delivering training, and supporting their peers. By adding a gift in your will, you can help us to change perceptions among local employers and help our citizens find opportunities.

Without our advocates’ support, our citizens rights are in danger.

Rosie’s story - CASBA Advocacy

This is Rosie’s story.

Your gift will help women like Rosie assert their rights to be parents.

A social worker almost persuaded Rosie to sign papers that she couldn’t read just after giving birth to her baby. Fortunately, our advocate told her what her rights were before this happened and she took control.

Sarahs story - CASBA Advocacy

This is Sarah’s story.

Your gift will help families like Sarah’s to fight for their rights to the correct support.

Her daughter was being bullied in primary school and started self-harming. Sarah could not understand the paperwork to get educational support. With our help, she managed to get her daughter a place at a special school where she is thriving.

Responding when the unforeseen happens! COVID-19

Beyond our planned projects, we were able to respond quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down many services in March 2020. Between our staff and volunteers we:

  • Made over 400 phone calls to ensure that our citizens were safe, and their needs were being met.
  • We provided support through video calls, WhatsApp groups and our Facebook page.
  • We delivered food parcels, medication, and Easy Read information about the rules.
  • We provided ways to help stave off the boredom, such as DVDs, colouring sheets, and jigsaws, as well as running online bingo sessions.

Not having our peer support groups running in person was a huge loss over the last year. As one of our participants explained:

“It was the one time in the week when I could just be myself and talk to other people who experience the same things as me!”

Staff support - CASBA Advocacy
We understood this, so we did everything we could to equip our citizens with the skills to be able to communicate with each other remotely. Your gift can help ensure that there will always be a place for our citizens to share skills, solve each other’s problems and boost each other’s confidence in a better future.

CASBA’s promise to you

Your will is personal, and we will never ask you to tell us your decision. Although, we’d love to have the opportunity to say thank you.
  • We understand that your loved ones will always come first.
  • We will never put you under any pressure – it’s your decision to make in your own time.
  • If you choose to add CASBA to your will, we will use your future gift carefully, so it achieves the greatest.
  • impact for the families and citizens we work with.
  • You can change your mind at any time.

How can you add a gift to CASBA in your will?

To add CASBA to your will you need our name, address, and registered charity numbers:

St Laurence Pastoral Centre
173 Church Road
B31 2LX

Charity registration number: 701365

Will and Testament - CASBA Advocacy

Any Questions?

Should have any queries about adding a gift to your will, would like to know more about the impact your gift could have or share that you have included CASBA in your will, please do get in touch with Joe Peacock, our Fundraising and Communications Officer.

Phone: 07783 031181


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