Pregnancy to Parenthood

This project helps parents with a learning disability get the right support during pregnancy, and as new parents.

We can help if you or someone you know are:

● 18 years old and over

● Have a learning disability (click for screening tool)

● Are pregnant or a new mom with a child under 5

● Live in South Birmingham

How you can help

Two types of people make it possible for CASBA to do its work.

Volunteers – people who give their time for free to help us. Find out more here.

Donors – people who give us money so we can pay our staff and buy the things we need. Find out more here.

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How we can help



Do you know someone who needs support from an advocate?

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Training - CASBA Advocacy


Are you looking for training? We have lots of available courses.

Look at our courses here
Contact Us - CASBA Advocacy

Get in touch

Are you looking for something else? Let us know how we can help.

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What we do to help

Suport - CASBA Advocacy

Go with you to appointments about you and your baby’s health.

Filling out forms - CASBA Advocacy

Help you to understand information and fill in forms.

Local Services - CASBA Advocacy

Put you in touch with other local services that will help you.

Pregnancy - CASBA Advocacy

Support you to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

CASBA comforting someone
Produce materials for you to learn about keeping yourself and others safe - click the button below to see our videos and leaflets
Pregnancy to parenthood Self Advocacy - CASBA Advocacy

Meet other parents

We can also introduce you to other parents with a learning disability so you and your child can make friends.

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Thank you to The National Lottery Community Fund for supporting this project.