Healthy eating recipes

During the last 10 years of working with parents it became clear that healthy eating wasn’t the easiest of things to do on a budget, and that's why CASBA's cooking classes were born.

Working alongside parents, we've co created an easy read recipe book containing delicious, easy and healthy meals that are batch cooked and can be frozen. Cooking classes take place regularly and are lots of fun.

Parents have learnt to:

Cooking on a budget - CASBA Advocacy

Shop on a budget.

Understanding traffic light symbols - CASBA Advocacy

Understand the traffic light system on food labels.

How to chop and peel - CASBA Advocacy

How to chop and peel.

Batch cooking - CASBA Advocacy

Batch cook effectively.

Knife-safety - CASBA Advocacy

Use knives safely and be safe in the kitchen

Health and safety - CASBA Advocacy

Basic health and safety.

Chopping board guide

CASBA a woman chopping a cucumber
Download this

Knife safety guide

Download this

Cottage pie recipe

cottage pie
Download this

Pineapple upside down cake recipe

CASBA pineapple upside down cake
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Pizza and salad recipe

Download this

Tuna pasta bake recipe

CASBA tuna pasta bake
Download this

Vegetable soup recipe

cottage pie
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Chicken hotpot recipe

cottage pie
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Get involved - CASBA Advocacy

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